About Jo App

Jo App is a mobile application that provides a user-friendly and easily accessible platform for you to attract new customers to your place of business. The app is used to not only publicise offers that you wish to make to the public, but also to advertise any news, updates and important information to our followers.

More About Jo App


Jo App's digital media interface allows your business to post offers of your products and services to our followers locally but also regionally and internationally.

On the other side, Jo App provides our followers the chance to search and compare for similar products or services easily and select the best offer suited to them and accept the same in one click.

Jo app enables you to promote your brand and increase your market share without any hidden charges, just a simple yearly fee for the use of our platform. You will be able to experiment with different offers in order to boost your sales.

A combination of a user-friendly interface and access to the most exclusive deals makes Jo App a "must have App" for everyone.


Local Services

With Jo App, get amazing discounts from local retailers, just "Accept the Offer" and enjoy.


Loads of Options

"One size doesn't fit all approach", search for the perfect option to suit your ever-changing needs and desires.


Compare before you Buy

Don't just view the offer & buy. Compare the details of the offer and pick the one that best suits you.

" With Jo App, shopping becomes Smart, Easy and Efficient "

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